Communicator News 4/30/09
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Welcome to your new Communicator!

In our continued effort to get important information to you quickly, we have redesigned the Communicator. Information is updated throughout the day to bring you the most up-to-date college and employee news, so no matter when you read the newsletter it will always have something new!

The new Communicator has RSS feeds RSS.


         What is an RSS feed? By subscribing to an RSS feed you will automatically receive updates daily about the information that you have subscribed to. Look for the orange symbol above in the Communicator. You will notice that you can subscribe to the entire Communicator or to individual sections. As we move many of the advisory emails into the Communicator, you may want to subscribe to that particular feed. Remember, we will continue to send you the Communicator every Thursday and every time you view it, it will have updated information. The RSS feeds will simply send the information directly to you daily if you subscribe.


         If I subscribe, where are the RSS feeds sent? In your Outlook mail folders, you will notice a folder with the orange RSS feed symbol. All RSS feeds that you subscribe to will be sent to this folder.


         Will I still receive information if I do not subscribe to the RSS feeds? Yes, the Communicator will be sent to your inbox every Thursday as usual. We will be updating the Communicator daily and subscriptions to these feeds will send the updates to you daily. You can still view the updates by simply visiting The Communicator.


         On the RSS feed updates, I canít see pictures. With the RSS feeds you will not be able to see the color images. You will only be able to view text.


         Where can I change the Communicator to a print format so I can print and read it? As we look for ways to conserve resources at the College, The Communicator has been designed to view online as often as you like.

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The Communicator is the official newsletter of CPCC. Please submit news items to CPCC Office of Community Relations before 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. If submitting from outside the CPCC email system, please identify yourself with name, department, phone, and email address in your email message. Anonymous submissions will not be published. Late items will be held for the following issue. All submissions are subject to editing. If you have questions, contact Elizabeth Cooper.

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