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Reimbursement for Unused Vacation Leave
for F-T employees leaving CPCC

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From the CPCC Policies and Procedures Manual Policy 4.16 Vacation/Personal Leave

II.E. Upon termination of full-time employment, reimbursement for any unused vacation leave, but not to exceed a maximum of 240 hours, shall be added to the employee’s final pay at the employee’s regular rate of pay in effect upon the last day actually worked.

Payroll Procedure for Reimbursement of Unused Vacation Leave

If the employee is on…

then the hourly rate of pay is…

12-month contract
(2080 hrs)

Annual salary divided by 2080 hours worked in year (40 hrs x 52 weeks)

10-month contract
(2080 hrs)

Annual salary divided by 1733.30

2080 hrs divided by 12 months or 173.33 hrs/month times 10 months or 1733.30

Example:  $50,000 salary/1733.30 hrs is hourly rate of $28.85


Last modified: Friday June 11 2004